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12/2023 Postdoc position available

We secured a project grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Together with Martin Lehmann from FMP Berlin we will investigate caveolae trafficking in live cells with high resolution imaging methods. For this exciting project we are looking for a highly motivated postdoc. More details can be found here:

Deadline: 10.01.2024

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11/2023 First paper from the lab

We published our first paper from the lab in Frontiers in Cell and Debelopmental Biology! This methods paper describes a detailed step-by-step protocol for correlative light and platinum replica EM. G

10/2023 Master thesis available

We have a Master thesis position available in the lab which will focus on the regulation of caveolae endocytosis. This research project provides an opportunity to study cellular and molecular mechanis

09/2023 Esther and Michaela joined the lab

In September our new lab manager Michaela Rath joined the lab. She is organizing everything related to the lab. In the future she will also study caveolae function and dynamics in cells. Also, on Sept


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