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09/2023 Esther and Michaela joined the lab

In September our new lab manager Michaela Rath joined the lab. She is organizing everything related to the lab. In the future she will also study caveolae function and dynamics in cells.

Also, on Septemebr 15th our new PhD candidate Esther Ocket joined the team. She moved from KU Leuven to Potsdam and during her PhD work she will study caveolae mediated lipid trafficking.


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07/2024 New paper from the lab

Esther and Claudia wrote a review article about the caveolae coat structure including a discussion of the recent Caveolin1 cryoEM structure, cavin1 and its disordered regions. You can find the paper h

06/2024 The lab is growing!

We welcome our new lab members Undine, Ilker and Daniel. Undine will support our daily lab work and lab organization. Ilker is a new PhD candidate studying caveolae in obese moused models, Daniel is a

12/2023 Postdoc position available

We secured a project grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Together with Martin Lehmann from FMP Berlin we will in


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